Boston Blackie's got ur back (verso) 2014.  Polymer paint, palladium on Tyvek. 78 x 80 in. Boston Blackie receding.mickie.thumb Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.05.49 AM Big Heart Heart of Foam Ear of the Horse Lace Maus Rachel's Piece BB Skull re-it-era-ted c-ow-boy Woodland's Jack Ur Mom and Me (Nancy's) Ace and Lace You're Invited J. D. Blocks, 2013. Cotton and linen with some block print, silk border, rayon backing, silk batting. 85 x 82 in Mazzi Mouse Thumbnail Family Spine Your Brain Hulk/Spidie Eco Sex Function Junction Tyvek Middle March Gloria's Quilt Southern Comfort Vivianne's Quilt Papillon Pinky Commie Choir Boy Hotpad Jeff and Laurie's Quilt Black Lung Yo First Quilt